Repairs and Maintenance 1/20/2016 (Replacing a Pocket Door)

pocket doorpocket door

We regularly complete repairs and maintenance. This week we received a phone call from an Owner that recently had a cable guy come in and install a home surveillance system. While installing the cables the installer was drilling a hole through one of the interior walls and was not aware there was a pocket door in the wall. When he drilled the hole he pierced a hole through the door. Augh!

Remember to ask your installer if the system he is installing is hardwired or wireless. We have so many customers that are greatly disappointed once their installation is complete because they were not aware that there would be so many visible cables running throughout their home.

 We arrived precisely at 11:00 am as agreed with the Owner and removed the door. We took the old door with us and cleaned up after ourselves. We’ve ordered a new door and contacted the Owner to let them know when their new door will be delivered and set a follow-up appointment for this Friday to come back out and install the new door and trim and paint the door.

A professional painter will always spray the door after it is primed. It will give the door a glass-like appearance. Don’t let your handyman paint your new door with a roller brush. Pay the extra money and have the door professionally painted. Your home is your investment and you will be enjoying the comfort of your surroundings much more when they are impeccable.

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Randolph Scott Bell


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