Building Officials Best Friend


EnspectorPro, a mobile application eliminates the need for untimely paperwork while performing a blower door test for Florida’s 2017 Energy Code.

We are now able to e-mail reports directly to all parties concerned, i.e., Building Officials, Builders as well as our offices from the job site.  Our rater RTIN will appear on the report as well as a unique registration number for each project that we submit.  The Building Official will be able to verify each project by Test Report ID by logging onto the web site.  Our name appears on the FSEC web site under Certified HERS rater as well as blower door tester.   EnspectorPro also touts a rigorous on-going Quality Assurance Program similar to RESNET which you can promote to your builders, clients and code officials.  The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) has developed the EnspectorPro online tool for blower door testing based upon our presentation to the BOAF CDC last August. The tool generates the BOAF blower door report which was also approved by the Florida Energy TAC and the Florida Building Commission for use with 2017 Florida Code as part of the 6th Edition TAM (Technical Assistance Manual). This form includes an input for the proposed ACH50 from the R405 Form which the home leakage must test to if the proposed ACH50 is below 7.

The header on the top of each form includes a URL ( where the Code Official can verify the rater or blower door tester’s credentials by entering the Tester ID included on the top of each test report. The Code Official can also confirm the report authenticity by entering the unique FSEC Report ID included on the top of each report.

The top of each report also includes the QA Provider name for easy identification. As a QA provider, FSEC trains energy raters and blower door testers according to ANSI/RESNET/ICC 380-2016 Standard as set forth in the 2017 Florida Building Code. FSEC also performs quality assurance including random field verification of blower door tests.

A sample report is attached for reference and you can verify the credentials and report on the EnspectorPro Verify page.  

We are accepting free test report registrations until April 30, 2018.  After that there will be an $4 per registration fee unless you are registering the house for a HERS rating.  If you register a rating on the home the EnspectorPro fee will be credited.

For more information, the EnspectorPro main page can be accessed at For additional information or specific questions not answered in the FAQ’s, please e-mail or

Sincerely, Tei A. Kucharski Program Coordinator/QA Designee Energy Gauge Office at the Florida Solar Energy Center University of Central Florida